Treats that inspire your imagination
and your taste buds.

Looking for a Pretty Kitty Cookie To Go Party for your daughter’s BFF? How about a Cupcake Purse that makes a fashion statement? No matter what inspires you, Wonderland has a treat to match. We lovingly blend imagination with the best ingredients to create the most inspired deserts in the land. Every treat is made on site, by hand, so no two are alike. At Wonderland Bakery, every day is a special treat.

For those who dream in cookies.

Maybe you’ve woken with a Sassy Snickerdoodle smile. Or imagined yourself in a Gingerbread forest. Wonderland cookies are the stuff of dessert bliss. The finest ingredients. The most creative concoctions. The cookies that dreams are made of.

Because there are so many reasons for cake.

… nothing says ‘you’re completely awesome’ like cake.

Cupcakes. There’s nothing small about ‘em.

Chocolate Razzmatazz with vanilla icing. Strawberry Wonder Party with sprinkles. Cupcakes are the little treats that deliver big smiles. And no one creates more delicious flavors and creative cupcake concoctions than Wonderland Bakery.

Scrumptious treats that defy categories.

Birthday and anniversaries? Of course. Weddings? Sure. Third place Spelling Bee finisher? Why not? Life is meant to be celebrated. Whether the occasion is big or small, nothing says “wow” like cake.

Special Treats For Special Occasions.

Let’s say your daughter loves butterflies, hopscotch and peanut butter while your son digs Oscar the Grouch, soccer and chocolate. At Wonderland Bakery, you can customize your treats to match any personality or occasion.