Ice Cream Cookies     34432 CB

Our Wonderland Bakery Ice Cream Cookies will melt their way to your taste buds. We can create these whimsical and fanciful cookies individually decorated as your favorite ice cream flavor and topped with a cherry too! Great at an ice cream social, as a party favor, just because, or arranged in an bouquet with your personal message.

Priced per cookie.

This gift is for
Qty Item SKU Number Price Price Extention

1 Individual Cookie Favor
366785 CF $7.95 $0.00
3 Cookie Arrangement
38987 CB $35.95 $0.00
5 Cookie Arrangement
366785 CB $55.95 $0.00
7 Cookie Arrangement
37764 CB $75.95 $0.00
9 Cookie Arrangement
37765 CB $95.95 $0.00

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