Newport Shell Cookies     12445 DC

Our Wonderland Bakery Shell Collection will help you find your way back to the ocean anywhere, anytime. We create these delicious & beautiful beach inspired shells for you to share with family, friends, or to sweeten your next event. Each cookie is individually wrapped or order as a Cookie Arrangement to enjoy as a centerpiece to brighten any day.

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Qty Item SKU Number Price Price Extention

1 Individual Cookie Favor
366785 CF $7.95 $0.00
3 Cookie Arrangement
38987 CB $35.95 $0.00
5 Cookie Arrangement
366785 CB $55.95 $0.00
7 Cookie Arrangement
37764 CB $75.95 $0.00
9 Cookie Arrangement
37765 CB $95.95 $0.00

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